ACT Surfaces: antimicrobial efficacy of HYGI-Rail® and HYGI-Hardware®

HYGI-Group Ltd hereby assures ACT Surfaces Ltd and all customers that all HYGI-Rail® and HYGI-Hardware® branded products are made from the solid or "massive" copper alloy, which is included in the US EPA list of registered Antimicrobial Copper alloys and that no foils or coatings are used. 

HYGI-Group Ltd assures that their manufacturing and finishing processes do not inhibit the intrinsic antimicrobial properties of the copper alloys used to make HYGI-Rail® and HYGI-Hardware® products.

These processes include:- laser cutting, bending, polishing, welding (TIG), abrasive grinding or filing, cutting, cleaning, and packing.

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HYGI-Group Ltd confirms that:

• Any high-temperature oxidation generated in manufacture is removed, e.g. by acid etching

• Any process chemicals, additives, and other products, whether applied by the material producer, or by HYGI-Group Ltd during component manufacture, are removed by suitable cleaning procedures

• No lacquer, wax or any other coating is applied to the material surface

• The specific HYGI metal alloy used to make HYGI-Rail® and HYGI-Hardware® products has excellent resistance to tarnishing or corrosion and is visually indistinguishable from stainless steel under almost all circumstances

• Other copper alloys may tarnish, to varying degrees, but this does not impair their antimicrobial efficacy and they can easily be restored to "bright" condition using simple and quick cleaning materials and methods