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Do safer working environments encourage productivity?

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

With COVID cases still rising, it’s important that people feel safe in the places they spend lots of their time.

If workers feel like there aren’t enough measures in the workplace, then the quality of work is likely to decline.

During lockdown many ended up working from home and found productivity had increased. With the return to office life in full swing for most, how do we make sure that productivity isn’t lost?

In this blog post we will be exploring how safety affects productivity at work.

Safety encourages employee involvement

Firstly, if employees don’t feel completely safe, there’s a chance that going into the office may not be an option for some. Secondly, for those that are going into work but still don’t feel completely safe, they could be missing out on group meetings or avoiding situations where they feel there isn’t enough safety measures in place. This means they then won’t be getting the most out of their work.

Safety reduces downtime

Having a safe working environment for employees means that less illnesses will be contracted in those environments. If employees know that there are measures in place to keep them as safe as possible then they will be able to work more comfortably, increasing productivity. Increased safety measures = less workplace contracted illnesses = less employees taking time off.

Not having safety measures can increase stress

Whether we’re talking in the middle of a global pandemic or not, if you work somewhere with minimal to no safety measures, employees are likely to find that stressful. Stressed employees are likely to be distracted from their work, meaning they’ll be a lot less productive.

Safety encourages a more caring environment

Increased safety can affect a whole lot of factors in an individual. It can make them feel more confident, more trusting, and less anxious.

Working in an environment where safety measures are all in place can make employees feel cared for by those in charge. This kind of environment will produce more productivity and better relationships between workers.

Safer working environments can save you money

Investing in new safety measures for your workplace is going to have a positive impact on every aspect of work life, including the money side of things too.

Investing in safety products will mean less workplace contracted illnesses. This will mean less time off for employees and jobs being completed quicker.

Also, investing in proper safety measures sooner rather than later is going to help things head in the right direction towards getting back to normal. The longer things carry on as they are, the more we will lose out on in the long run. Investing more now will help the current situation and help prevent similar situations happening in the future. Having everything properly organised in the workplace like this will give employees confidence, and again, help increase productivity.

We understand that lots of work environments already have many measures in place, or are finding changes to make. We also understand that lot of these measures can cause added pressures. You may have one-way systems in place or ask your employees to wear masks in certain situations, on top of making sure there’s increased hand washing and sanitizing. Doing all of this constantly whilst working normally may be a distraction, and normal surfaces will still require regular cleaning.

At HYGI-Group, we want to make sure you can have the safest environments possible without any added pressure. That’s why we’ve created infection control products that are clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria in minutes. The unique antimicrobial metal alloy HMA99 will help reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

Incorporating these products into work environments will allow employees to feel safer knowing that the surfaces that they are touching often aren’t harbouring bacteria and viruses. We can create bespoke products for any environment. For more information email or call 01271 860794.

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