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Exeter Chiefs Become HYGI-Safe

English and European Rugby Champions, Exeter Chiefs, have become one of the first to install HYGI-Safe products, developed here at HYGI-Group.

Troy, who work closely with HYGI-Group, introduced HYGI-Safe products to Exeter Chiefs who saw the potential they could bring to the players, staff, and public.

After a difficult year, the rugby champions were more than ready to welcome fans back into the stadium and have players return to their regular routines. Introducing HYGI-Safe products, firstly to the players changing room area, seemed a no-brainer to Chief Executive and Chairman Tony Rowe, who said ‘the health and safety of players, staff and fans are always at the forefront of our minds. You can’t see any difference, but now we have something that kills the virus. Player safety is prominent in our thinking all the time and people do look to us to lead the way. This will assist us in keeping down any viruses and germs.’

Throughout the players changing room areas, those at Sandy Park stadium installed our HYGI-Safe push plates.

HYGI-Safe push plate installation for Exeter Chiefs

Chiefs South African forward Jacques Vermeulen said, ‘seeing the HYGI-Safe logo in the changing rooms lets us players know that the club is doing all it can to keep us safe.’

Stadium Operations Manager, Mark Isaacs, is already looking at how to incorporate more HYGI products into the stadium in the future. Player safety is a huge priority at the club currently, but with the return of fans happening imminently, plans to increase safety measures for the public are developing as well. Isaacs said, ‘we were introduced to these innovative products via one of our sponsors, Troy, who have links with the HYGI-Metal products. It will already make our changing room area safer, and we look forward to further development with our new East Stand. The cleanliness of the stadium from a clinical perspective, is really important to us. People will know this is a really safe stadium to visit and that’s the confidence everybody needs with things opening back up.’

HYGI-Safe push plates in Exeter Chiefs changing rooms

Not only have the Exeter Chiefs seen a huge opportunity to maximise safety by installing HYGI-Safe products, but one of the world’s leading microbiologists, Professor Bill Keevil who was involved with the testing of HYGI-Metal, agrees that the alloy is a ‘long term solution.’ He says, “Field tests of anti-microbial copper in USA hospitals have shown a 90% reduction in the numbers of pathogens and, importantly, a greater than 58% reduction in infection rates. This new alloy developed in the UK will also be useful in the education sector, at transport hubs, sports stadia, and entertainment venues, etc. Indeed, anywhere with high human traffic. Hygi Group in Barnstaple should be very pleased by what they have achieved.’

At HYGI-Group, we’re extremely pleased to have built a relationship with Exeter Chiefs through their sponsors, Troy, and look forward to working with them again in the future.

If you’d like to get more information on how we can help you become HYGI-Safe, contact us at

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